Thursday 26 November 2009

#85 - When Kong Met Elvis

I thought you...
Aren't you supposed to be...'

The two legends mirrored each other perfectly,
then burst out laughing.
From then on,
everything was gravy.

They wore sunglasses in public to protect
their identities; sometimes they baked
linseed bread - 'It exfoliates your colon,'
Elvis said, patting his rump with a rueful smirk.

Sunday was antiquing day -
they both hated kitsch for kitsch's sake,
they both loved walnut,
though Kong was the better haggler.

'Every night, you're in my prayers,'
Elvis often said, knowing this rankled
the staunchly atheist Kong, who, for his part,
had named the teapot Betrand.

They were too evenly matched at Chess
to really enjoy it. 'It's like you can read
my thoughts,' said Elvis, as again they sat
stalemated with two lone kings.

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