Thursday 26 November 2009

#84 - It Feels Tight As A Drum

Beckoning towards the zipline,
Kit grins and twangs it with an index finger.

'Come on!' he cooes, 'bowel-evacuating terror
is just excitement rebranded. True empowerment

means learning to override all the emotional, environmental
and intellectual cues screaming:'

he cups his hairless hands around his lips:
'"Attempt This And You'll Never Walk Without Callipers!"

This isn't about personal judgement -
this is about tightening the team.

Remember: when you "rationalise",
you use "rash anal lies". Go on, sport!'

He slaps my back as if pinning on a sign.
I grip the zipline, glance down

towards a distant lake of sharpened staves
and razor wire. Kit slaps me a second time,

I step off the platform
and now I'm screaming through treetops

I'm crying, I'm alive,
hurtling into the arms of my new family.

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