Thursday 26 November 2009

#56 - Me And My Quiff

sit on the quay eating battered calamari rings
and talking about girls.
'What do you think girls like to read?'
asks my quiff.

'Oh, Yeats I suppose,' I say.
I am not very enthralled by the conversation today.
Previous questions my quiff has asked me include:
'Do you think girls like volcanoes?'
'What do you think a girl's favourite month is?'
'If a girl could send a letterbomb to anyone in the world,
who do you think she would send it to?'

'Actually, I expect she would send a scented letter
or something like that,' is how I answered the last.
My quiff seemed very impressed.
He is quite naive about girls.

'Would a girl cry if she saw a ghost?' he says,
and I throw a squid ring to a snap-beaked gull.

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