Thursday 26 November 2009

#23 - Otter Chaos

'Hello? I'd like to add a driver
onto my insurance.'

I hear the sibilance of webbed paws
on a keyboard. 'Hello?' I repeat.

In the background, excited chittering,
the distinctive slap-slurp of freshwater fish

getting brained then noshed.
'I'd like to add a driver onto my insurance.

Is there anyone there who speaks English?'
I am ashamed at my own impatience;

I slather my resentment in guilt - it is like trying
to hide a corpse with a tablecloth.

Of course, you can't go slaying them wholesale
without upsetting some holier-than-thou Zoroastrian.


The chittering is beginning to sound suspiciously
like mocking laughter.

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