Thursday 26 November 2009

#14 - I Would Like To Take The Opportunity To Introduce Myself

This is my scrimshaw chess set
and this is my hat -
see how the fine brim doubles
as a mischief balustrade.

I stiffen my felt death warrant
with mercury. This is my pet
barrister, Stephen Quinn.
Say hello, Stephen.

This is the standard waiver
I give to all new acquaintances.
This is a painting of some breakfast.
Think nothing of it.

This is my left glove.
As you can see
I am wearing it on my right hand.
I am something of a practical joker.

This is my fob watch.
This is my monogrammed cigarette case.
This is my mobile phone.
This is my Neighbours ringtone.

This is Stephen's first attempt at batique.
I realise it looks like a bloodied handkerchief.
Don't panic!
This is my bloodied handkerchief.

This is my memoir.
This is my dedication:
To Alexander,
You'll never get it, will you?

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